Leadership team

The people behind YV Global are the reason we have an outstanding reputation. Each individual brings a different set of skills and attributes to the organisation. Let us introduce you to our leadership team…

Ben Green

Ben Green


Over his extensive career, Ben has forged successful partnerships with the world’s leading retailers, consistently delivering stellar results that empower clients to fortify their core businesses. Equipped with a BSc in European Studies and proficiency in three languages, Ben brings a truly global perspective to his work. Ben’s academic pursuits extend to the prestigious BSSA Oxford University Summer School program, which he attended in 2012. In addition, Ben achieved an Executive MBA in 2020.

Ben’s financial acumen extends to strategic profit and loss management. Analysing financial data and forecasting future performance, he guides businesses towards sustainable growth and profitability. Balancing cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and investment in growth opportunities.

Combining creativity with market insight, Ben excels in brand creation and development. He crafts compelling brand narratives that resonate with target audiences, using strategic brand positioning and distinctive visual and verbal identities to help brands stand out in crowded markets.

His expertise in product manufacturing encompasses production processes, quality controls, and supply chain management. His attention to detail ensures high-quality products, while his familiarity with the latest manufacturing technologies enables process optimization and improved efficiency.

Steve Rosenbaum

Managing Director

A pivotal member of YV Global, Steve is a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for networking and fostering connections. He has been instrumental in driving commercial growth and establishing strategic relationships. Steve expertly bridges new and existing connections, further solidifying the company’s position in the market.

With a background on the financial floor and a decade of experience as an accountant and foreign exchange dealer, Steve’s financial acumen is invaluable to his role at YV Global. Additionally, his qualifications as a mediator and his writing abilities add to the diverse skillset he brings to the team.

Steve consistently demonstrates a strong ability to adapt and excel in dynamic business environments. His keen eye for emerging trends and untapped opportunities has been instrumental in keeping YV Global ahead of the curve. As a mentor and a team player, Steve nurtures a collaborative atmosphere within the company, empowering colleagues to reach their full potential and contribute to the collective success. His multifaceted background, coupled with his exceptional interpersonal skills, truly sets him apart as a leader and an invaluable member of the YV Global team.

Janice Smith

Janice Smith

Sales Director

Janice’s illustrious 20-year tenure in the travel retail industry has seen her excel in a variety of roles, accumulating a wealth of experience. Her comprehensive understanding of operational and bond facilities grants her a unique perspective on the distinct needs and goals of airline clients. A decade spent as an airline buyer allowed her to proficiently manage an annual £50M+ P&L, deftly handling product negotiations, marketing, and training.

Her skill set further broadened during a ten-year spell as a supplier within the travel retail sector. This role saw her partnering with brand owners and distributors to bring a diverse range of products, including fragrances, cosmetics, jewellery, and accessories, to market. Janice’s enthusiasm for the industry is palpable, with a consistent emphasis on meeting customer needs. Her sharp ability to spot emerging market trends and the ‘next big thing’ underlines her value to our team.

Janice’s proficiency extends into product development, where she’s proven her innovative approach and market insight. By merging user-centric design with functionality, she creates new products that deeply resonate with the target audience. Her ability to guide a product from conception to launch underlines her invaluable contributions to the field of product development.

Janice is also renowned for her exceptional networking abilities. With a warm, welcoming, engaging personality and a genuine interest in people, she effortlessly connects with individuals across all levels of the industry. Her talent for fostering meaningful relationships has been integral in building bridges between stakeholders.

The team

Alexandra Moisa

Alexandra Moisa

Senior Account Manager

Alexandra Moisa is our Senior Account Manager. She is responsible for developing partnerships across omni-channel retail and also growing the business worldwide. Alexandra brings knowledge and experience from previous roles in banking, sales and consultancy, as well as from fashion ecommerce and luxury wholesale and retail.

David Kahan

David Kahan

Account Manager

David has gained a wealth of experience and expertise working as a jewellery consultant for over 15 years. His knowledge covers the full breadth of this industry being involved in buying and selling projects ranging from costume jewellery right up to the finest that the world of gems has to offer. David is fluent in 5 languages and uses his skills to source product for the company, create new innovations and will also often steer the company towards new opportunities for sales and growth. As a father of 7 the words spare and time don’t come together much but when they do he uses it in the study of Jewish law

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Emily Taylor

Brand Manager

Emily, our innovative brand manager, possesses over 19 years of FMCG experience in travel retail, heading up the buying teams for a number of leading airlines . Her expertise spans strategic and brand partnerships to trend forecasting. Currently, she spearheads YV Global with her brand innovation, product development and leadership skills. Emily consistently inspires change, making her an industry trailblazer. She’s celebrated for her relentless pursuit of growth and her acumen in driving business success.

Jay Dholakia

Financial Controller

Jay is our Financial Controller with more than 30 years of experience in finance and accounting. His main role at YV Global is to prepare management reports, cashflow, budgets and financial analysis to assist growth. Jay contributes his extensive commercial and IT knowledge and experience as he has previously worked in practice with many industries over his career.

Kerry Tevlin

Sales and Administration Manager

Kerry is Sales and Administration Manager with 20 years’ Office management experience and most recently supplier management with a large domestic retailer. Alongside supporting the team, brands and our customers in all aspects of administration and working closely with Janice on sales, Kerry is our go-to for training our customers’ crew on beauty, watches and jewellery. Kerry has a close family and prides herself on building relationships and going the extra mile to ensure a job well done.

Lynda Payne

Lynda Payne

Finance and Account Executive

Lynda is our Finance and Account Executive here at YV Global and builds relationships with our customers. Lynda brings more than 29 years’ experience to the business, following previous work in designer fashion and homewares.

Marine Toubel

Marine Toubel

Head of Domestic Wholesale

Marine is our Head of Domestic Wholesale with 15 years’ experience in Sales and Operations in retail/Distribution and airline industries. Alongside with overlooking Sales and Account Management for major wholesale customers, she also takes part in developing our new and current jewellery brands by sourcing new product ranges and meeting new suppliers.Marine speaks three languages and has a Master of Management degree (specialising in Business Strategies) from the European Business School in Rennes, France.

Oskar Barczak

Oskar Barczak

Marketing & Operations Manager

Oskar is our Marketing & Operations Manager, joining the company in 2017. He is responsible for product and project management, resolving key issue areas and assisting the board in delivering on the company’s goals and projects. With customers, marketing, and technology at his core, Oskar leverages his knowledge and love of technology to assist in the growth of the business.

Suzanne Walker

Suzanne Walker

Demand Planner & Logistics Manager

Suzanne brings over three decades of extensive expertise within the aviation industry, finance and customer-facing domains. Her remarkable track record demonstrates her adeptness at thriving in high-pressure environments while upholding an unwavering commitment to precision and thoroughness. With her role encompassing the critical aspects of demand projection and logistical planning, Suzanne’s proficiency in procurement and bond management consistently yields enhanced operational efficiencies and notable cost reductions. Collaborating seamlessly with Janice in Sales, Suzanne plays a pivotal role in fostering a harmonious and synchronized team approach. Beyond her professional endeavours, Suzanne is an avid equestrian, finding relaxation in the pursuit of horsewomanship.